Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TITLES... was brought to my attention that I need to add TITLES to each of my postings.

I kind-a get it and don't at the same time. Personally, I don't like seeing the actual TITLE up top. That's pretty much my only reasoning behind not having them in the past. I vow to do better on my new blog whichhhhhh is why I'm rambling on....

I've been trying and trying to figure out a few things:

**HOW TO UN-FOLLOW MY OWN BLOGS?'s getting the best of me and I'm sure it's some simple click of a key that I'm looking at on a steady basis. Oh well. It just looks kinda weird when you are 2 of your only 4 followers!! haha

**HOW TO MERGE THIS OLD BLOG WITH MY NEW ONE WITHOUT IT POSTING AS NEW POSTS'. Did that make sense? I'd like to do away with this blog yet copy/paste/import all of its contents to the newer one. However...keeping the date / time format in chronological order.

**HOW TO DISABLE COMMENTS UNDER MY POST. No one ever comments. I'm a horrible writer, a terrible speller thanks to spell-check and my grammar... don't, do not, no no no...dont go there, they're, their. Get the hint? In all reality Ms. Stanley, at McGavock, who was my creative writer teacher,, never complained. Never. Then again she probably just wanted me to write and stop talking so in the grand scheme it didn't matter to her. Anyhow...would love to disable that little diddy.

**WHAT'S THE MOST POPULAR THING WE WANT TO SEE, READ or CHAT ABOUT? Just curious on this. I feel like I'm bragging when I write when honestly that's the furthest thing from my thoughts. I just want to leave an account of the greater things in life. Even when I write and it sounds all lonely or's my emotions at that time. To find me, Bridgitte Elaine sad, down, depressed, low or whatever on a daily basis will never...never occur! I am to strong. I've endured some long, hard difficult times and then something else comes along that made that journey look all easy~breezy! God will not give me more than He and I can handle together. So if something sounds gloomy I don't apologize, it's just there for the time. A song may trigger a special moment and then voila...boom...I'm back! Oh and for the record I spell it Voila, not waa-la! I may be southern but it's Voila with the French accent! (your welcome Ms Benson)

now that I've rambled into and endless post and lost your attention lets recap the questions from above! lol

If you think you can help me seriously with any of these matters of Blogging (please don't suggest I return to the Blogger help because I have researced it to no avail!) email me please at !

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011



i hear it within the birds

just outside my window...



tab upon the door

rustling leaves

chopping of an ax

giggles from a far

horses gallop

sheep move quietly

and dog....well,

he makes your presence known

the aroma of the fireplace

filling up the room

cedar, pine




you pull me close to you

life is all around me

every corner

every nook

life is all around me

don't close my eyes

cant miss a look

Monday, May 31, 2010

Bret, my son, in Afghanistan

It's May 31, 2010. MEMORIAL DAY. A Memorial Day that will forever change for me! In a few hours I will be back in SanDiego, California and have the privledge to welcome home a brave, tired, weary United States Marines from the hills of Afghanistan. My son, Bret, being one of those. It is amazing the PEACE that God has given me on his last deployment of his...yet...he was in the worst area any military could be. Over the past several months I have learned that when Bret or any other person would cross my mind, no matter where I am/was. I would stop and try to find a private place (mostly bathroom stalls) and take that moment to lift them up in prayer. Now,,,on a silly note....what began as quick prayers...have turned into 20 minutes session with My Lord and Savior. All this time I am praying for their safety or whoever/whatever the need is and I realize while talking to a friend last night that I, ME.... I have grown so much closer in my walk with Jesus just taking the time to do this!!
A friend called me to say, "hey girl, you butt dialed me" and I giggled not knowing I had done so. He proceeds to tell me that he heard me talking and then realized I was talking to Jesus like He was sitting next to me. He said, "I felt like I should hang up the phone,,,but I couldn't" . He then said he heard me pray for his daughter and for him which left him speechless.
Now...keeping in mind I'm thinking "oh...what did I say?" lol ...... He then asked me if I could find the time today to meet with him that he wanted to know more about this God I believed so deeply in!! in a few I am going to meet him and share with him the plan of salvation! I'm excited, nervous, all these mixed emotions!! All from what started out in a bathroom stall to lift up my son, to a butt dial to sharing Gods plan!!
Now....again.....My God works in mysterious ways!! I am so honored to be living a life according to what He says I should. There are areas in which I am not perfect and I am working on those....but I'm so THANKFUL to be in the USA and to be one of the moms that will feel her sons arms around her in a few hours!! amaze me!! The past few months since the flooding have been crazy!! CRAZY BUSY! You have placed me in devestated areas with non-believers and we have formed have kept me sooooo busy and allowed me to nurse others and "work" all in the volunteer spirit!! THANK YOU....THANK YOU for keeping my days full and on the go!! You know my heart and my spirit of a gypsy that lives in me!! I thought I had to go to foreign countries to become a missionary....when all along I've been one just in My Style that you've allowed me to have!
Happy Happy Memorial Day to my son and his 7th ESB unit that is coming home! To all those in military that are serving, that have served and those that lost their lives in the line of duty. To the spouses, parents, sibilings, childrens that carry this "way of life" with them during your service....God Bless each of you as well!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Pondering...I love that word. To this day I can close my eyes and see my Memaw, "pondering" about things. Seems she always gave great thought to what she had to say before she said it. there a lesson in that sentence for me!!
This past few weeks I've encountered God in such different ways. Lets see...first, if you follow my status' on facebook then you know my Ford Explorer was literally on her last mile. She held strong till the end and I have to say, I miss her!! If I could have had a camera inside that SUV for all the miles and years and trips we've taken together....for all the items I've transported back and forth, here and there....the stories and videos I could share!! Mitilda...(that was her name...I will miss you!! You were loyal till the end...never failing, always faithful and you always GOT ME THERE!!) now.......this leads me back to God.... HE is never failing, always faithful and IF I LET HIM....(key words) HE WILL ALWAYS GET ME THERE!! So, with the thought of a new vehicle and payments that go along with it....I simply turned it over, I mean realllllllly turned the whole matter over to God and said if it means I walk...I walk!! My mom and stepdad took me truck shopping again and within minutes of arriving on the lot the guy (Gerald) a friend of my moms asked me if I wanted to test drive the truck. My response was, nope, lets just do the paperwork and get it over with......they all laughed and he insisted I drive it. Oh me......I thought I was riding on air!! I didn't realize how "arthritic" Miltilda had!! point is.....I learned to give it up in another type of way, a material thing....something I obviously need and have learned to depend on and God opened the door and let me through my mom to the right man to make this happen!! Thank you Momma, Thank you Gerald and Thank you O'Malley for becoming my new means of transportation.....I'll learn to accept that you are a Chevy and love you for it.....I've just been a Ford Truck girl for SOOOO long.
Then....there comes my daddy has always had a "rough exterior" as I call it. You know, gruff in sound. Even now he can say something and it can bring me to tears.....Now, mind you he's not a drill sargeant or anything but I do believe he missed his calling to be!! daddy has been and will always be MY HERO!! He is the most handsome daddy a girl could have and has the heart of cupid tho' he wouldn't want everyone to know that....haha!!!Anyhoooo~ he and my stepmom surprise me with a visit and although we had just spent the evening together a few nights earlier with my son and his wife.....this was just the three of us. We shared in some very deep, heart-wrenching conversation. Something that has pulled on my heart strings for a while now. To hear my dad and Trish sit across the table and give me some much needed advice was so rewarding.....but....more than know, I mean to know and feel his support meant the world to me!! go the tears!! Daddy, you have always been the rock, the solid foundation in our family. I'm the quicksand!! lol (not really) I dont need saving all the time... my point matter how old I may be or become his advice means the world to me!! Hearing him tell me that I needed to be firm is what I needed to hear!! To stop letting people walk over me or toy with my emotions!! When they left I felt stronger than I have felt in quite some time...and yall that know me, know my name means strong and that can sometimes be irritating to me!!! Yet...on this night, at this particular moment....I felt like Joe C Tidwells daughter and I know I can do it!! Now......this again brings me back to know that I am the daughter and heir to the King of Kings and I can do all things through Him which strengthens me! Having my earthly daddy tell me I could do this was like having Jesus or God himself in front of me showing me how to take up for myself and I grew so much spritually from that, as well as emotionally!!! I love you Daddy!! Thank you for always being that rock for me!!

Lord Jesus, I want to THANK YOU from my heart for the parents you gave and blessed me with!! For my stepmom and my stepdad! I want to praise and lift them up to you and I pray that all I do in this life reflects what I have learned from them in a positive way!! May they continue to seek your guidance in their life and trust you as their savior and Lord! Let the words of wisdom that my daddy so honestly gave come forth from me to the ones that need to hear it. May my words be forceful yet loving. Let the graciousness that you give my mom flow from me to others in my daily walk of life Lord! It is in your heavenly name I pray. Amen

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010..I'm so lucky to be alive!

January 1st, 2010

My daughter Stephanie asked me last night, "Mother, what will we call it, the new year? 10 or 2010? " She is so like me....saying things out loud that most people only think about and keep to themselves. Right NiNi?! So...what are we gonna call this New Years? It's gonna be a 10 !!

My wonderful son, Larry and my daughter Stephanie brought their spouses, Jamie and Julie along with my two granddaughters to KY to celebrate Larry's 27th birthday and New Years! Its funny...I cannot imagine NOT spending a New Years with the kids, especially Larry since it is his birthday!!

In reading my childhood friends blog, Betsy, she had 20 questions on there that reflect the past year and offered to let them be used on our own, Betsy, THANK YOU and what great questions!!

1. What did you do in 2009 that you had never done before?

To begin with I watched my daughter walk down the aisle and marry the most amazing man. I had seen my son get married a year earlier...yet...watching my daughter being escorted down the aisle by her two brothers was beyond any human word!
I also got to travel like a gypsy all over the United States, but that's a whole story in itself.

Finally, knowing my son was going into a hostile war zone in Afghanistan left me sitting home alone. I simply could not stand the thought of saying Goodbye at the airport. I wanted my last memory of him to be like and full of spirit, and that's what it was....surrounded by family. I pray to this day he doesn't hold that against me, but war and my just overcame me emotionally and I refused to hugg his neck and say Goodbye.

2. Did you keep your 2009 New Years Resolutions and will you make more for 2010?

I did indeed keep one which was working out and walking more and more to improve my health. I also promised to allow Jesus to "talk to me" and me listen...instead of me doing all the talking! Now, mind you, this has been a hard one to get use too,,,but I'm learning, it's never easy letting go of old habits but the new faith I've grown to know is priceless!!

As for new resolutions? I resolve to depend on God, His timing and His answers more this year! I worry way to much and keep it inside...which, as I have learned will manifest itself in some ugly way through you physically!!

So....LET GO and LET GOD

That would be my one and only resolution!

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?

YES!!! My granddaughter Riley Claire Seiber was born in December of 08!! She is my sons second daughter and she has his spirit!! So full of energy and laughter!! Larry and Julie are wonderful parents and it's such a blessing to watch them grow as a family!

I also had other "adopted children" give birth so I have several other grand babies. Maddox Jeffery Ross was born to Krista and Jeff and that child is just a blessing to be around. I say that in that he is a boy and his personality is just so laid back, so different!

4. Did someone you love die?

I lost my brother-in-law...yet, he was my brother. Chris took his life on Mothers day. Just a few weeks after being at Stephanie's wedding and just days after meeting him for coffee. My Stephanie had to call me to tell me of this tragedy. Chris had not only been the same age as my brother Blake, Chris had been to all of our children's births, parties, name it. He was the perfect uncle and brother. What hurts so deeply is that on our last few visits we had talked about his recent divorce and how he was so lonely but he put HIS arm around ME and said, "SIS...You're gonna be okay!" I can feel his arm even now, on my shoulder...we were both in tears...and I live daily with what I DIDN'T ASK or SEE in him. Here he was, so concerned about me having been in the hospital that I overlooked his pain.

I have the last phone call he made to me still on my cell....some have told me to erase it, but, it's there for some odd reason and when the time comes I'll delete it intentionally or not...but until then....hearing his voice as he says, "Hey Sis, it's me, I was just thinking about you and wanted to check in on ya. Just got finished with dinner. Love you sis!" brings me back to reality and on how

I need to focus on others, period.

5. What places did you visit?

Oh wow.....I was so lucky to start out the year in New Orleans, LA and helped with Habitat for Humanities....then back to Nash for two weeks before spending the summer in West Palm Beach with my beautiful sister and her family. Being there is home away from home. The love that abides in that home is bursting forth at the seams!! I love teaching 1st grade Sunday School there with them. The neighbors welcome me and all know's just an amazing home away from home. I left early due to Chris' death and returned two weeks later with Alyssa. Her best friend Josh flew down later in the week and met us for some crazie times on the beach!

Finally...back in Nashville, TN.


Paducah, KY.


San Diego

New Orleans,

back to Palm Beach for the Spring & Summer

then the trip of all trips...

~ Cross country with Bret and visiting The Grand Canyon.

What a trip to remember with my son before his deployment! Every night in my dreams that is how I recall him....jammin' to his DVD/Playstation in his "Dark Angel" truck and his letting me drive his "baby"!

The funniest part was me doing 90 with an officer on my tail all the way through Arkansas and he never pulled us over.

(Bret was pulled over on his last trip for going 71 at mile marker 1 in Arkansas )

The later part of the year found me looking for a new townhouse to buy when Alyssa asked me to move to Bowling Green, KY and help her with her 4th and 5th years of college at Western where I am today.

6. What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009.

Oh...this one is easy!

More faith, less loneliness.

It's sad to be surrounded by friends and family and be so unconditionally loved, yet, be alone.

I had the awesome opportunity to live with my best friend in the world and would change it for nothing, I will admit, I envy seeing him with his girlfriend and my other friends having that special spouse/someone.

This again is where my faith comes in more and more....

God truly knows my heart and knows the love I have to give that someone and I'm just too impatient!

I'd given up a great relationship due to outside interferences....too sad that many words were said and things done~especially on my end

I am sorry Mark.

You were loving and I was just too damn stubborn to let anyone else in!


I don't want "arm candy" just to go to an event and I won't.

I'll go alone and somehow this is a lesson. I'm not sure why I'm experiencing it

...but...I know in the end...

He knows my heart and hopefully has someone in store for me!

~they better be ready to be smothered and covered with L♥VE!

7. What date will remain etched in your mind from 2009 and why?

April 23, 2009 1:11am

The day I experienced the HOLY SPIRIT move through every single vein, joint, bone, and inch of my body!!

I can tell this story over and over...

I know I felt heaven that day....

I saw a glimpse....

I didn't want to go if you know what I mean but knew that when my time does come.....


even though some days here on earth~~walking is hard without falling!

8. What was your biggest achievement in 2009 and why?

Retaking the Experiencing God class, teaching Divorce Care and taking the GriefShare class for the first time after losing Chris.

Why these??

Well, they have brought me to my knees

as did going to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) with my sister and nephews.


He is not just a name or a phrase you speak to make others feel better


and I hope you can see Him in me thru my actions.

9. Did you suffer illness or injury? this a loaded question for me!


As most of you know

I have Multiple Sclerosis &

and have had rods put into my spine.

On a visit in April I learned my MS scan showed a mass...

not a UBO. (Unidentified Bright Object)

I'm sorry....I still find that term amusing!

My sight began to fade quickly in my right eye.

Artificial tear ducts were instilled, again (and work like the fountain of youth!)

Talk of Morphine pumps being placed in my spine for pain relief or more detailed back surgery from T-12 to L3

Then....laid off

I had no insurance.

So, all the MRIs, CT scans were postponed until just these past few months and while the mass is still there it hasn't grown in size, but my new neurologist, who I actually use to refer patients to has a very positive outlook with the medications I'm taking


more so...I believe in Miracles!

If God so chooses to heal me, I will be healed either by HIS touch or through the hands of His physicians He has led me to.

Either way...God and I are on this journey together!!

10. What was the best material thing you bought?

oh....this one is eeee-zzzzz!

My Canon PowerShot SX10IS with 20x zoom!!

My love for photography is just priceless!

Each and every time I look through the lens of my camera I am seeing something that GOD created!!


I like to look at things from different views and perspectives and angles!

(amazing, as I just typed that how that so reflects my life too!!)

I was so terribly scared at one point with the vision in my right eye fading that I wanted to soak up every sight I could see!! Now...knowing that my vision is stable....I still feel the same!!

My dads mom, Memaw, once told me...

"When you're looking at a sunset your seeing something you'll never see again, you can't pull it out of an old drawer, nope, a Sunset is one of a kind!"

Funny, how certain things stick with us that we are taught and I grew to learn also that that saying came from a book entitled, "Never Miss A Sunset"!

11. Where did most of your money go?
I swear I am a gypsy!
He is providing for me and I AM EVER SO GRATEFUL!

12. What song will remind you of 2009 and why?

Hold My Heart
by Tenth Ave. North
I was able to see Tenth Ave. North in their very first ever concert in West Palm Beach in the fellowship hall of First Baptist Church West Palm Beach. Then months later...they are winning a Dove award!!
My nephews knew of the group from church and Little George had just had his 3rd surgery on his foot. We arrive at the church and he's in a wheelchair, knowing he can barely see the guys we ask if we can move up. Not only did they accommodate us....we sat just to the right of the stage and the leader Mike came down and gave the boys a photo and autographed his cast as well! This group is so humble!!
I sat back enjoying watching Lil George really getting into this concert while singing along with the words to the songs on the overhead.
I had no idea that when they played the song HOLD MY HEART....How God would speak to me!!
Oh brings me to tears now as I recall the song speaking so loudly to me....
I look over and Debbie and are both in tears
an amazing evening!
There are other songs too but recalling "Big George" singing and raising his arms along with his wife and their twins boy....what a memory to see my sisters family praising God in song!!
Later, towards the end they played a song called, "I'm yours tonight"
....and well....
it just cracked us up as Connor was mimicking his dad singing it going home!! (We adults understood this, right!?)

Here are the words:
How long must I pray
Must I pray to You?
How long must I wait
Must I wait for You?

How long till I see Your face
See You shining through
I'm on my knees
begging you to notice me
I'm on my knees
Father, Will you turn to me
(this is my favortie...)
One tear in the driving rain
one voice in a sea of pain
could the maker of the stars
hear the sound of my breaking heart
one life, that's all I am
right now I can barely stand
if you're everything you say you are
would you come close
and hold my heart!

I've been so afraid
afraid to close my eyes
so much can slip away
before I say goodbye
but if there's no other way
I'm done asking why
I'm on my knees
begging you to turn to me
i'm on my knees
Father will you run to me
So many questions without answers
your promises remain
I can't see but I'll take my chances
to hear you call my name


now if you've read all the above question, you can get a glimpse as to why this song became my prayer. One morning after days of singing it I realized...God was not just "calling my name" he was placing me in places I'd never been. Giving me opportunites I'd never had to show His love to others!
I cannot imagine my life without His grace!
13. What do you wish you would have done more of?
*spend more time with my daddy and Trish
* hang out with Connie like the "90's"
*spend more time with my granddaughters
*read the Bible and learned to study it better

*I laugh alot,
but sometimes,
in the quiet,
God knows my heart
and a tear will find its way down.
I must be around people, period.
It is who I am.

So,,,due to my putting personal restraints on myself, I would choose to not go out with friends or do things because I felt like the "fifth wheel". SO, basically...I would have been MUCH MORE SOCIAL!

14. What do you wish you would have done less of? ~Making silly decisions on impulse
~letting go of relationships without trying
~saying Stupid!!
I never allowed the three "s" words in our home,
and for some reason this year, I found myself saying those words..
Maybe in some instances I felt it was necessary
but, still yet...
I could have chosen more lady-like words!
*I would have done less "analyzing" lol lol lol

15. Favorite TV program?
I've never been one to "stress" over my weight and its a good thing as being on steroids can make a scale go up quickly!
I absolutely fell in love with this show!! I love the motivational and the mental way they get to these people!!
At the same time encouraging others!

16. Best book you read this year?
Oh wow...I don't have just one!
The Shack by William P. Young
(love where this one takes you...back and forth)

90 minutes in Heaven by Don Piper
(this story is real and captivating!)
Heaven is Real by Don Piper
(the images, the feeling you get while reading are soooo real)

Damaged by Cathy Glass
(a sad, difficult story of a lost and abused little girl)

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks
(just a feel good lovestory)

17. Favorite Film of the year?
By all means
I hop in the car, almost late due to chatting with Krista online
me, talking? online? lol
get lost in less than 1/2 mile trying to find the closest theater (HA!)
Did find a Policeman & he cracks up and tells me to basically turn around and "LOOK"
it was the 9:55 showing and I was alone
Mr. Policeman scolded me
was waiting at my truck when the movie was over!
Now thats Public Service!
the movie reminded me alot of my life with Big Larry.
Now both of us are so guilty of taking people in and he was notorious for it!
He had a guy he found walking on the road one day with two little girls come for dinner, well, before I knew it "George" and his girls (Amanda and Ashley) had been with us over two months.
Larry had gotten him on at Lee Company and he'd been able to get an apt with his girls.
I'll never forget those dirty little faces and clothes when he brought them home, even their dad who couldn't have weighed 100lbs.
Stephanie was about Amandas age and we bathed them all and made such a big deal out of it....washing and blow-drying their hair. Braiding it.
Stephanie sharing her toys
Lil Larry shared his birthday with them and so did Steph!!
(They are in yalls pics in your scrapbooks!)

This movie moved me for this reason...It brought back many
UT (Knox) memories ~ lol
gave me the warm fuzzies on such a cold night
and left me laughing all at the same time!!
Kuddos to this movie
***** it get 5 stars from me!!

18. What did yo do on you birthday & how old were you?
My birthday found me turning 46.
Now, since Alyssa and Memal and I all have the same birthday week, we shared it together along with Memals best friend, "Aunt Wanda".
They came into town and we went to dinner at Koyotos Japaneese and had the best birthday cake ever from Rileys bakery!
That weekend Glenn and Kim came up and we all went to WKU campus together and I got my WKU M♥M shirt as a gift and we all explored Mammoth Cave together!!
It was incredible until I learned my granddaughters b'day party had been moved up two hours earlier so I was late, words were exchanged via facebook, and I learned a powerful lesson.
KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT, regardless.
others take what you TYPE wrong and yes, although my feelings were hurt cause I tried in every way to enjoy my day and everyone elses all tied into one!
P.S. Note to self: you cant please everyone all the time period!

19. What political issue stirred you the most?
Our nation made history by having a woman and a black man both run for President and Vice President.
I found this to be the thing that stirred others!
It was living history to me!!
I am so NOT pregidious
it was who was better suited for the job and personally,
I think I'd try to argue with The Lord himself if He told me to have that position!!
I believe people need to know and vote for their LOCAL Senators and Congressmen, Mayors and Governors
those are the ones making the changes when it really comes down to it!
Dont just jump up and vote once every 4 years for the President!!
I pray for President Obama to guide this country not by his thoughts, but by following the guidelines set forth by our forefathers that were Biblical and by Gods convictions on his heart.
This country has "out-lawed" needs to get back to the basics!

(stepping down off my soapbox)

20. Who was the best new person you met?
you will fall in love in 15 minutes upon meeting her!
Gloria is black and she told me "it's okay to say that"
I was/am her first ever "white friend"
she says where she was raised,
you just did not befriend the white folks. Seriously!
Gloris is also 46 and has made me laugh when I thought I couldn't laugh any harder!!
She brought back a spirit to me that I had covered up.
She is my greatest new friend from Jan 09!!
I love her, she tells everyone we're twins and she's so convincing it's scary!!
Gloria...Thank you for opening your heart to me
to love me as a friend so unconditionally when we both were at our wits end
Thank you for sitting endlessly with me at the hospital
for helping me up stairs~lol
for helping me heal
For teaching me:
Thank you for sharing with me our love for Jesus Christ
and our love for sharing in song together!
How many times have we sang duets together? I have seriously lost count!!
You are my "sista in Christ!"

Secondly....I am grateful, so, so grateful that God allowed facebook to reconnect me with some long time friends from elementary school and even cousin from every corner of the US! My high school reunion also reconnected me with some long lost friends..and it's awesome!!
Thank You Betsy for sharing your questions with us and I've added one,
21. What will you do more of in 2010?
~my heart is open to find love and romance again andI'm excited!
You have my word that I will:
tip more canoes~INTENTIONALLY..teehee
play 90+ holes of golf in one day
ride endlessly on the Harley with no watch
continue to play softball
drill the ball when playing volleyball...
stay up way too late
talk more
play tricks with bugs on the girls while camping
NOT play a beer~drinking~alien~game with the crew
(but will always remain the "spitter"...LOL LOL)
fish, fish, fish
play with my granddaughters
hugggg often
hold hands with someone (awwwwww)
go handgliding and skydiving (again)
tubing down the creek in North Carolina (even if it require stitches later)
adopt a puppy
release a mouse if he's caught in the house
feed my birds outside the door
make more jewelry
photograph anything I can
finish my third childrens book
take more college courses to aim for my masters in fine arts
talk...did i mention talk?
plan a family reunion with cousins
fly an airplane (hopefully)
take the helicopter down into the gorge at the Grand Canyon and ride the horse back out
see the East Coast sunrise from Marthas Vineyard & Nantucket Sound
Visit Novia Scotia or GREECE
In closing I want to say, I LOVE YOU! However, whenever you touched my life I was honored and if I failed to tell you so then please, know it now!
Much love ♥


Thursday, December 31, 2009

27 years ago today....our miracle became a reality!

Tis the wee hours of New Years Eve. December 31, 2009. Twenty-seven years ago on this day I ventured off to work with my hubby. Larry was a heavy equipment operator but his dad also owned Seiber and Sons Housemoving.

On this particularly warm December day Larry and I, along with his brother Chris had worked on a roof. Larry knew I couldn't stand to be sitting on the ground while they worked away ontop of that house. They were literally numbering and lettering boards in order to "lay the roof down" on a 200 year old log home. So...with Chris in front of me and Big Larry behind me I was allowed to climb the ladder and sit. When I say sit...I mean, the kind you tell your kids, "DONT MOVE...SIT!" They were both scared to death I'd fall and being 81/2 months pregnant, well, I just did what I wanted to do within reason...and yes...this seemed within reason.

A little background. Larry and I had no idea we were pregnant for several, several months. After a family trip to WestPalm Beach to visit Debbie and George...the mixed drink, the ocean, sun and especially the high diving board seemed to "do me in." When I arrived back to Nashville and went to the doctor on September 30th...I learned I was between 5-6 months pregnant. Larry and I were beyond ourselves. We had been told I couldnt conceive!! We were given a due date of Jan 14th that changed to Jan 5th. We knew all along our baby would have to be a C-Section, but we still went to every birthing class they offered in that short time. it is...three months after learning I was expecting....sitting on a roof watching my hubby and his brother. We laughed about it later and so did Dr. Witt as he, himself, told me to keep up my normal routine!

We arrived home around 5:30 and I made myself a peanut butter and banana sandwich....Larry and Chris both commented on how that would send me into labor! After a longggg sit in the tub, I noticed a "jolt" and had that "hummm, i wonder" feeling all new moms have. I looked over at the clock and it was 7:00. That "jolt" came again at 7:45. This continued and I kept it to myself until the "jolts" were now 5 minutes apart and we lived about 30 minutes from the hospital.

Big Larry was seriously a basket case......The poor man. Long before cell phones he and Chris stopped at the local "Kanagroo" market and bought coffee and got plenty of quarters for the phone. Then, as an ongoing joke...and jolts now serious contractions and 3 minutes apart, Larry pulls into the Greyhound bus station in Murfreesboro, TN. I'm laughing so hard I just about wet myself and poor Chris...he had no idea what was going on. The joke was, when it was time for the baby to arrive, larry would board a bus, go to Memphis (Graceland) and come back. By then the baby would have arrived. It seriously was a joke....He loved Elvis and said that would be the time he would get to see him. Eventually after a few minutes of us both laughing and me now in some serious-mode....We arrived at the hospital and they began the routine of making calls and family began to arrive.

Larry kept telling them I was suppose to have a C-Section but my doctor wasn't on-call. Just before midnight....Larry came into the room and said, 414....414!!! I'm looking at him like, "What"? 414 tiles honey.....thats how many tiles are in the hallway!!!! The next thing I know I'm being kissed on the forehead by family and wisked away.......

and just before Jan 1st 1983....our son, Larry Christopher Seiber was born! WOW....27 years!! I was two years out of high school and Larry insisted on my finishing college. We didnt do anything as I was taught and raised to do....we were engaged, the marriage did take place in front of our family on Dec 23, 1984 after our daughter was born. (Secretly we wed, in front of the judge long before) I was in such a state of rebellion I guess and looking back now, I'm glad we did the things we did. I'm thankful for being rebellious in someways. It taught me how to really know my kids today. I'm thankful for an older husband that loved me unconditionally...who use to sign me out of school as my stepdad!!! LOL Look, when your in good with the doesnt matter!! are quite a man. I know I often tell you how proud I am of you and how proud your dad would be.....but I dont think you understand the meaning behind all that. WE ARE SOOOO PROUD OF YOU! You have the heart and soul of your father. You have the gift of laughter and life from me. If there are two things your dad and I shared alike is was for those less fortunate and to emerge ourself into each new day as it was our last. We lived to wake up and go to sleep in each others arms. The nights that you would lay atop your dad and yall would sleep.....ahhhhh.....are moments etched in my memory!! These are gifts from heaven we given each day, memories.

Live your life for God. Live your life for you wife and then for your children. You will be soooooooo rewarded to stand strong during the hardtimes and become so much closer when you seem so distant. If I can give you anything on this your would be the gift of Gods everlasting love to you. You know Him. You honor Him. Now go and grow and grow that much more in HIM! Take that voice he has given you and honor HIM with it. Your family is so, so talented....bask in its musical talents and honor HIM through making "Your Life Song!"

Larry, I love you. There is no material gift I can hand you and watch you open that would tell you how much I love you. You were our first look where you, our miracle, has taken each of us!! Pretty awesome when you think about our journeys!!
Happy, Happy Birthday Son!!


Proud Christian

Proud Christian
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Free Admission to Heaven

Free Admission to Heaven
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MeMe loves her "buggs"

MeMe loves her "buggs"
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made by Bri

Be Still....

Be Still....
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He Loves Me!

He Loves Me!
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